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This has been a rough couple of weeks.  I’m fighting bronchitis and a sinus infection and don’t seem to be winning the battle.  My visits here have been far too few, but today I ran across this video and wanted to share.  I’ve taken the “Knitting Green Challenge” for the fun of it.  Check it out…you may want to play, too.

Until next time…

Remember…Knitting will keep you in stitches.  🙂


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Note of little importance: disregard the date on my pictures.  I forgot to reset it on my camera when I changed the batteries..

Back in December Carla of Feathered Fibers posted a felted wool challenge.  I had lurked on her blog for a long time, but this challenge lured me out of the shadows, and I accepted the challenge. The day before I had been to my favorite store (the Salvation Army Thrift Store for those of you who don’t know) and bought eight wool sweaters to felt.  The challenge seemed the perfect thing to spur on my use of my newly found treasures.  I had the best of intentions and felted the sweaters by washing and drying them several times and carefully cut each along the seams to separate them into pieces.  But as it so often does, life happened, and my best intentions got derailed.  Today I decided to take a day for me and chose creating something with my felted wool as my fun thing to do.  I took pictures of each step so I could share the making of my mittens with you in tutorial form.

Making Mittens From Felted Wool

Trace your hand (or the hand of the person the mitten is for) on a piece of paper.  Add about 1/4 inch around the outline for a seam allowance and cut the pattern out.  Place the pattern on the wool and pin it into place.  I placed the cuff portion of the mittens on the ribbed band of the felted wool so there would be enough stretch in the mittens to put them on with ease.  I pinned two layers at a time with the wool right sides together.  Cut out pieces making sure you cut deep enough between the thumb and hand for free movement of thumb when the mittens are stitched.

Slowly stitch closely around the edges of the pinned pieces insuring both layers are secured in the seam.  Carefully pivot the needle when stitching between the hand and thumb. We don’t want holey mittens from the get go.  🙂  After securing the two pieces together zig-zag over the seam.  Zig-zagging may not be necessary, but it will add strength to the seam so there is not a blow-out when you are building a snowman. 🙂

Turn your mitten right-side out, shaping the rounded seams as you go, and wah la, you have completed one!

Stitch the remaining two pieces together, and you are ready to play in the snow.  Or notBut you will have a warm pair of mittens custom made to fit your hands.

This was my first felted wool repurposing project, but it won’t be my last.  Thank you, Carla, for the inspiration

If you use this tutorial, I would be interested in hearing how it worked for you and any feedback you may have.

oxo Judy

Until next time.

Until next time,

Vocatus atque non vocatus, deus aderit.

(Bidden or not bidden, God is there.)

~ Erasmus of Rotterdam ~

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but not the scarf.  Thanks to my brilliant, knitting bloggy friends my first completed knitting project is improved.  Many thanks to Kimmie and Heather for their suggestion of adding a row of crochet.  It definitely helped and now there is only the slightest tendency for the edges to curl in.  I appreciate you both.  In the future I will try Christen’s suggestion of opposite stitches on the ends of each row and Kimmie’s of slip stitches on the ends of the rows to see how they work to prevent the problem from the start.  Learning to knit is proving to be quite fun and satisfying…with a little help from my friends.

Here is the improved scarf with added row of crochet…

In closing, a note to Lennie…may your day be every bit as blessed as you have made mine.  Thank you for the lovely card.  Though I am beginning to feel better, your sweet thoughts warmed my heart and made me feel even better.  You are so dear.

Until next time…

Discipline is like broccoli. We may not care for it ourselves, but feel sure it would be good for everybody else.   ~ Bill Vaughan ~

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Finally I am feeling better (yea!!!), and I’ve actually earned a long tea break.  Energy has been on the slack side for over a week, but this morning I woke up determined to feel better.  Sometimes the mindset is half the battle…I’m hoping this is one of those times, because I am tired of being sick.

Over the past couple days I’ve mulled over in my mind an apron I am making for my horse-loving granddaughter.  This morning I started stitching it.  The body of the apron is a re-purposed blue jean leg and the accent fabric is a sweet remnant of “You Go Girl” by Dawn of Sun Valley I picked up one afternoon when she and I stopped by my favorite sewing shop.  The pocket is not sewn on crooked…but it sure looks that way in the picture.  Somethings are puzzling and that’s one.  I think she’ll be thrilled.

After taking my dear husband his lunch and a thermos of fresh black Irish Breakfast tea, I came home and filled my clotheslines with laundry to dry in the sunny breeze.  Now it’s time to treat myself to a cup of hot Zen tea and a movie.  Bubba and I are going to kick back on the couch and watch “Bright Star”.  It’s a newly released movie I’ve wanted to see.  Thanks to Netflix it was in my mailbox when I got home.  I’ll sit and knit and relax…what a perfect way to spend tea time.

Here is the the stocking stitch scarf I made that curls…the green piece is all knit stitch and so far is behaving itself.  Both Heather and Kimmie suggested adding a crocheted border to see if that helps it lay flat…if not I’ll use it anyway and prize it for my first ever completed knitting project.  First of many, I hope.  (The picture shows the curl and fringe.  I didn’t have a model so it really doesn’t look too scarfy.

For more Tea on Tuesday visit Kimmie at Art In Red Wagons.  I’m going to make my rounds as soon as I finish watching Bright Star.  🙂

Until next time…

You can spend your time, waste your time, or invest your time. It’s your choice.  ~ unknown ~

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For about a week now I’ve been under the weather.  I gave in and went to the doctor on Tuesday, and he confirmed what I already knew.  I was sick.  The sinus infection he diagnosed was no surprise, but bronchitis was.  I guess it was good I went.  My energy level has been non-existent so I’ve spent a good bit of time doing things I could do quietly and mostly at rest.  I thought I’d share…

In November or early December Carole from Madness and Mess invited stitchers around blogland to take part in a wee stitchery quilt she will eventually put together.  I’m bringing up the rear getting mine back to her, because the days leading up to death of my father and his passing away threw me way off kilter.  I completed my contribution this evening and will send it on its way to New Zealand tomorrow.  It is stitched on a piece of what looks to be unbleached muslin about five inches square.  It truly is a wee stitchery.

My sister’s first grandbaby was born today.  He weighed in at 9 pounds 15 ounces and 22 inches long.  He’s a fine looking little guy.  Sadly he’s in Georgia and we’re in Mississippi, so it will be a while before I can get my hands on him.  As a welcome gift to him I made several burp cloths using the pre-fold diaper method.

I’ve been practicing what I’ve learned about knitting and am very comfortable with knitting, purling and binding off.  I made a scarf out of some very forgiving homespun yarn and for some reason it curls from both sides to the center.  I don’t know why or what to do to prevent it or correct it.  Here’s the piece I am working on now.  I’m not sure if it will be a scarf or rewound into a ball when I am finished.

That about does it.

Until next time…

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?  Psalm 27:1

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Tea on Tuesday finds me T for tired this time around. Last night I met with a few of the ladies from my church to fellowship and craft. One of my pastor’s daughters has committed to teach me what she knows about knitting, and last night we began. I came home and settled in on the couch with my knitting needles and yarn and practiced what I learned…until 2:00 A.M. Today my tea has helped me keep my eyes open and my needles clicking. It’s been one of those lazy days spent on the couch in front of the fireplace with an afghan wrapped around my feet and my Great Dane Bubba snuggled by my side.

For more Tea On Tuesday visit Kimmie at Art In Red Wagons.

Until next time…

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.  ~ Albert Einstein ~

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For some time I’ve noticed teapot cozies and thought how much fun it would be to have one.  They aren’t something you see for sale everyday.  Actually I’ve never seen one for sale, so I decided to try my hand at making one.  I found a pattern online I was going to follow, but follow it I could not.  Instead I winged it.  It definitely keeps tea water or tea hot longer.  I can see me making one for all my tea pots now that I’ve made one.

I had not sewn the finishing touch on…the pompom,  when my dear MIL called and asked if she could stop by for a visit.  We asked if she would like tea, and I put the water on to heat so it would be ready when she arrived.  The pompom may be overkill, but I love pompoms, because they are frivolous and fun.  I stitched it on after the first round of tea was served.

Here’s what I came up with.

first 1

first 2

first  3

There will be a little tweeking here and there on the next one, and I’ll use wool for it rather than acrylic. I have some yummy navy blue wool I’ve been saving for something special.  It will make a perfect cozy for the Blue Willow teapot in the background.  All in all I’m pleased with the way my first effort turned out.  Thank you for looking.

We shared the wonderful, wonderful shortbread Christen sent in my teacup package.  It’s a good thing we did, because I can imagine eating all of it, it was so good.  Our thirteen year old grandson even joined us for tea.  After declaring for a long time he does not like hot tea, he recently discovered how tasty the old standby Red Zinger is.  I just happen to keep that on hand.  I told him it was the very first herbal tea I bought.  Back then it was sold by bulk out of wooden barrels in the health food store I used.  It was quite a few years before Celestial Tea Company started bagging and boxing their tea blends.

Until next time…

I leave you with this invitation to tea…

I invite you magnanimously to please be my guest for tea at a room with high standards of taste where the hostess remembers my face and greets me by name at the door and recalls what Ive ordered before and inquires kindly after my day, and appreciates all that I say. She’ll have orange pekoe for the pot and darjeeling, as likely as not, or if you are not in the pink our hostess knows which herbs to drink, like ginger to help with the grippe mixed with cinnamon and the rose hip; or fresh lemon balm if you wish, perhaps blended with sweet licorice. So whether you feel well or ill, this refreshment will quite fit the bill and, of course, you will quite enjoy me. Yours truly. RSVP    ~ Aubrey Henslow ~

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Last night my DH and I kicked back and watched a couple movies. While I was “watching” I tried out a crochet pattern for little people slippers. The pattern was easy to follow, and the slippers turned out sweet. The embellishment idea was my own. Without the rosette they looked oh so plain. I made it by twisting and coiling a length of inch wide bias tape and adding grosgrain ribbon for leaves.  Now I must find someone with feet small enough to wear them…

sweet feet

sweet feet 2

The slippers are crocheted in one piece with a seam along the back.  I think it would be pretty easy to adjust the size up or down…next I’ll give it a try.

I don’t know who to give credit to for this pattern…

Crochet Tot Slipper

Use worsted weight yarn…I used cotton.

Chain 2

Rnd 1: 6 sc in second chain from the hook; join with sl st

Rnd 2: ch 2 (counts as dc), dc in same st, 2 dc in each of five remaining stitches; join with sl st [12 st]

Rnd 3: ch 2 (counts as dc), 2 dc in next st, *dc in next st, 2 dc in next st* repeat from * around; join with sl st [18 st]

Rnd 4: ch 2 (counts as dc), dc in each remaining 17 st; join with sl st [18st]

Rnd 5: repeat Rnd 4

Row 6: ch 2 (counts as dc); dc in next 16 st (stopping short of last stitch) [17 st]

Row 7-13: ch 2, turn; dc in next 16 st [17 st]

Row 14: ch 2, dc in same st; dc in next 15 st, 2 dc in last st [19 st]

Finish off: fold the slipper in half and whip stitch the heel closed.

Until next time…

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  Psalm 119:105

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My church’s ladies mission group is hosting a country store during our fall festival.  We’ll sell various items with proceeds going to mission projects.  In the cooler months I enjoy crocheting when I’m relaxing in the evenings, riding in a car, or waiting for a appointment.  Over the past few days I’ve had one of the dreaded bugs that’s making its way around our area.  Even though it has been 80 degrees in our house I’ve been cold.  I decided to make a baby blanket to donate to our country store.  Some of the things I make don’t have an intended recipient and end up stored away for an occasion when I need a gift for someone.  While I was crocheting I thought of those stowed away items and  pulled out my stash and will donate a good many of them to this cause.  Very few things give greater satisfaction than giving whether it be giving of material things or talent.  It truly is more blessed to give than to receive.  The little bumpy blue newborn hat is not going to the sale.  It’s reserved for a very special baby (my sister’s first grandchild) who will make his debut appearance in December.  It should keep his little ears toasty warm.





The tiny granny square blanket is the one I’ve made while I have been under the weather…

Thank goodness I’m feeling better so I won’t get a lot more crocheting done while I’m catching up on all the things I let slide over the past several days.  I hope all of you are avoiding the seasonal crud.

Until next time…

For lack of attention a thousand forms of loveliness elude us every day.  ~ Evelyn Underhill ~

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I set my knitting needles aside last week to spend a little time crocheting.  It’s a no brainer for me most of the time…knitting is not.  My brain needed a break from the “strain” so in observance of National Crochet Month I spent my evenings making this sweet blanket.  I used worsted weight cotton.  It’s soft and sweet…perfect for a newborn baby.  I started with the intentions of using a pattern used to make a beautiful blanket I saw on  Goosie Girl’s blog.  When I got to the border I decided to go a different route for a frillier look. The pattern I used for the body of the blanket is The Tiramisu Blanket by Rosie Little Things.


Until next time…

Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better things.

~  Henry Ward Beecher  ~

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