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Night before last I made the final stitches in the round robin blocks in my possession.  Last night I had NOTHING ready to work on.  I felt like a fish out of water.  All month I’ve tried to get my March CQJP block constructed.  My fabrics were selected and prewashed and  laying in a wrinkled pile on top of my work space.  On the first day of  March I designed the layout of this month’s block and traced it on my muslin.  Today I finally took the time to press my fabrics and stitch my block.  Yea me!  Tonight the embellishing will begin.  This block is the third of a monochromatic theme.  It is shades of green, and all the materials used to embellish will also be green. 

Here is a picture of the naked block…

Naked block

Yesterday my husband and I ran errands.  While we were out we stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores.   I found a few framed vintage handwork pieces, a pretty little tea bag holder, and a choker necklace that will be taken apart and used for embellishing crazy quilt blocks. 

Framed tatting (I think this is tatting.  I cannot tell the difference between tatting and fine, cotton crochet)  The shadows on the matting are in the photo only.  The piece is pristine, and I love it!  It is hanging near the chair where I sit and stitch and is a sweet inspiration…


I grew up in Virginia and have visited historic Williamsburg several times.  Finding the next two pieces was almost like going home.  The cross stitch samplers are circa 1950’s.  I don’t know where I will hang them, but I couldn’t resist bringing them home.  A lot of care and time went into both pieces, and I always feel a strange connection with the unknown person who spent her time working on them.  I feel a sadness that no one who loved her wanted to hang on to the pieces.

The Raleigh Tavern…


Brutan Parish Church…


I assume this pretty little piece is a tea bag holder (I am drawn to blue glassware and china.  I don’t know if this is a replica or vintage.  It’s pretty, and I will use it.  It’s hand decorated in the USA (a BIG plus in my book) by CC Fine China…Morgana Collection.  I found nothing about it online, but that matters not, because I like it. 🙂



Robert Rose Faux Pearl Choker (I can’t imagine wearing anything like this around my neck, but the parts will be perfect for embellishing CQ blocks…too bad there are no green pieces!)


That’s my thrifty finds from yesterday…thank you for stopping by.  I welcome your comments. 

Until next time…

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally. . . . But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.  James 1:5-6


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For the first time in a very long time the urge to swing into the thrift store on my way to town got the best of me yesterday afternoon.  I’m sure it was the heat overpowering my sense of resolve.  I’ve fought thrifting valiantly for months, giving in only once about a month ago.  Instead of dragging stuff home I need to be ousting a truckload of “abundance” out of my house.  Using all the resistance I could muster I rejected item after item…but there were a few I carried to checkout counter and made them my own.

I’m sure it’s the 60’s child that is still alive and well within me that claimed the mushroom ceramic canister (arnel’s circa 70’s)…now to make room on a countertop for it.  The two ceramic shoes will eventually become pincushions.

All these odds and ends are sewing or crafting materials.  There’s a package of small seed beads and tiny jingle bells and a zipper.  The printed embroidery is a dresser scarf, and the lace is for embellishing collars or necklines, but I will likely use it for embellingshing just about anything but…The dresser scarf will give me one more thing to do when I watch movies in the evening.  I couldn’t resist either…they were simply too reasonably priced.  Last week I shortened a pair of black dress slacks for my sister-in-law.  I painstakingly removed the hem tape, because I had none to replace it.  Now I do just in case I ever need it.  I guess the little pink plastic thing is a protractor.  It will come in handy for drawing the pincushion pattern I have running around in my brain.

This big, red tray will come in handy…It looks retro, but it’s in such good shape I imagine it is a reproduction.  It will probably end up on my kitchen island with other things sitting on it.

I spotted the old watering can and thought of a bloggy friend in Virginia with a caravan of antiquated watering cans along the wall of her porch.  This one looked so lonely, and I petitioned a spot for it in her impressive collection.

This little griddle has been on my wish list for a while…I was thrilled to find it.  It’s a LODGE USA.

Here’s one last picture…an overall view of most of the stuff I bought.  I did forget to put the ball jar mugs (3) in the grouping.  They were in the dishwasher.  I also forgot to add the Rawlings T-ball bat and ball.  It is brand new…still in the package…and will be given to our three-year old grandson the next time we see him if I can find it.  He should be just the right size for it.

All these things cost less than a new LODGE griddle pan would cost so resisting the urge to thrift will be a lot more difficult for a while.

Until next time…

We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.   –Gloria Steinem


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A while back while blog surfing I ran across a tutorial for a shopping bag made from a vintage pillowcase.  This evening the urge to sew won out over the need to kick my feet up and relax, and I looked up the tutorial and made one.  I am pleased enough with the results to share the tutorial with you.  Like it or not we’re all going to need something to carry our groceries in in the future…likely the near future.  This project is a perfect answer to that need…one that allows for the expression of individual taste while reusing things you likely have around the house.

The Vintage Pillowcase Grocery Tote Tutorial is easy to follow and well written.  Here are my results…

I started with a pretty Ralph Lauren pillowcase that had seen far better days.  (It was so pretty I couldn’t see throwing it away or turning it into a dusting cloth.)

Hanging view…empty and sagging, but you can get the idea of how the straps are set up.

and a little homemade tag…(very primitive)

I thank Spidey for the use of her tutorial and can see where making more could likely happen.  If you try the tutorial (and I hope you will) why not let Spidey know you did…I’d love to hear about it, too.

Until next time…

Sacrifice is the true measure of love.  ~ unknown ~

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1970 was a life-changing year for me.  I was there and even remember it.  🙂 I graduated from high school and began to find my way in this great big world.

I’m on the left sporting a wide grin.  What a thrill it was to walk down that isle and out of the building.

The building was Constitution Hall.  My graduating class was the final class from Mt. Vernon High School in Alexandria VA to hold graduation ceremonies in that historic landmark.

Our Baccalaureate service was held at The National Cathedral.

In 1972 I moved to Austin, TX where I bought and drank my first herbal tea.  It was Red Zinger sold in bulk from a barrel in a little health food store on the west side of town.  I’ve loved all these years and always keep it on hand.  No tea has a prettier color or a more inviting aroma. (Some equal it, but none surpass it.)

(Information provided by Celestial Seasonings)

Red Zinger Tea

Red Zinger Caffeine Free Herbal Tea . 100% Natural — This product contains all-natural ingredients and flavors, and no artificial colors or preservatives.

Red Zinger was introduced in 1972, and nothing at Celestial Seasonings has been the same since. The success of this uniquely flavored blend gave birth to a full line of Zinger teas, and Red Zinger has remained a Celestial Seasonings favorite for more than 30 years. The trademark “zing” comes from a combination of tart and tangy Chinese hibiscus and fruity Thai hibiscus,while lemongrass provides a lemony sweetness that helps balance the tartness.For a refreshing twist, try this perennial favorite on ice!

INGREDIENTS: Hibiscus, Rosehips, Peppermint, West Indian Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Natural Flavors, Lemon Myrtle, Licorice and Wild Cherry Bark.

If you haven’t tried Red Zinger, there is no better way to celebrate the 70’s than to brew a cup and sip the unique flavor.  I think I’ll go make a cup for myself now.

Pat of Artfully Ooglebloops is hosting a teabag swap.  She says it best so I am borrowing her blurb.  We’d love for you to join us.

I am organizing a teabag swap – if anyone is interested. We will be swapping one on one- a way to share your favorite flavors, and learn about new ones. So far, it is Judy and I- all are welcome!!!
Judy sent me a sample of some wonderful jasmine pearls recently-they were delicious!!

If you are interested (and you don’t have to be a Tea on Tuesday “player” to swap), mention that in your comment, with your email address!!When we get up to 10 names, we’ll close it out, and I’ll let you know who your swap partner is!

For more Tea on Tuesday visit:

Kimmie Home of Tea On Tuesday



Meadow Lark Days

You’ll be glad you did.

Next week Tea Tuesday will be hosted by Christen and the theme isUrban Art’.

Until next time…

Keep the kettle whistling.

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Part 2 of “Timeless Love” is another embroidered baby quilt.  This one was made especially for Matthew, Vicky and Mark’s second son and father of their first grandson Ryan.  The quilt is being used by Ryan when he visits his paternal grandparent’s home. I’ve yet to see more than pictures of Ryan, because they live so far away, but knowing he will sometimes keep snug using the quilt I stitched for his daddy gives me a warm feeling.  That feeling is love.

The backing was another piece of the Levi cast-off.

Until next time…

A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.  ~ unknown ~

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Over twenty-five years ago, my only sister and her husband started their family.  In honor of the birth of their first two children I made baby quilts to show my love for them and their babies.  Recently they became grandparents for the first time, and those quilts resurfaced after years of being carefully stowed away.  When I made them I did not have the foresight to take pictures of them, and my memory of them was vague.  My sister was kind enough to remedy that and sent pictures of each embroidered square and the finished quilts. My stitching was far from perfect, but my heart was in the right place.

Nicholas’ quilt…Vicky (my sister) sent me a piece of the wallpaper used in the nursery, and I sketched the characters.  The backing was a piece of plaid cotton discarded by the factory that made clothing for Levi Strauss.  In the 80’s they took loads of discontinued fabric to the local landfill and it was quickly claimed and repurposed.  (Repurposing is not a new concept at all.)  When the factory found local quilters and sewers salvaged the fabric they began incinerating it instead of sending it to the dump.

Matthew’s quilt coming soon…

Until next time…

Let all your things be done with charity. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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This past week I received a wonderful package from Christen with my exchange tea cup and assorted goodies.  I was  much pleased with what she sent.  Everything was perfect.

Christen told me

My mom and grandmother used to buy a tea cup to add to their collections for almost ten years, so between them there was a nice selection. I had inherited a few, and I thought that you would like the colors in this one. I did actually go out looking at a few antique stores, and I didn’t see anything that I would want to buy for you, so this seemed like the perfect solution.

She was right.  The colors are perfect for me, and I thought the cup a little more special having belonged to her grandmother.  I cherish the few things I have my grandmother’s and will cherish my new tea cup, too.  I noticed the colors in the cup Christen sent me are very much like the colors of the cup I sent her.

Last Friday my dear MIL visited late in the afternoon.  We always serve tea when she comes, and even though I had not used the tea cup (I was waiting for today) I served tea to MIL in it.  She thought it beautiful, too.

Along with the tea cup, Christen sent a darling bon bon and said

The bon bon is made from vintage Jacquard ribbon that was made in France during the 1940’s. I only had a few inches of that one left, and it made a perfect pincushion.

It now sports pearl hat pins and has taken a place of honor in my sewing room.

The teas are in the neatest interlocking stackable tins.  I’ve tried each one and have enjoyed them all.  The shortbread was shared on Friday during tea with MIL.  I was afraid to save for me alone if you know what I mean.  It was made in Scotland and was evermore wonderful.

A lovely note accompanied my package.  What a blessing it was.


This morning I am drinking from my beautiful new tea cup.  I chose Egyptian Mint green tea from the selection in my package.  I needed the caffein to open my eyes and get me started on my day.

The tea cozy is the second one I made to help my teapots stay warm.  It was crocheted with New Zealand wool sent to me by my friend Faye a couple years ago.  I’ve saved it for something special and decided it matched the Blue Willow to a “tea”.


For more Tea on Tuesday visit Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons.  Remember to take time for tea.

Until next time…

If your tongue trips over ‘oolong’ and there’s no place for your spoon,

If you end up with your cookie on your knee

If dainty conversation leaves you speechless far too soon,

You need some help surviving Ladies’ Tea.

From the book, Afternoon Tea at Pittock Mansion Quote by Haddyr Leigh

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Vintage freedom is good enough for me!

Until next time…

There is something very disturbing about the Obama administration fighting harder against Fox News than the Taliban. ~  Bill O’Reilly ~

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Yesterday I checked the mail and found a padded mailer with my name on it.  I tried to open it on the way back into the house, but the sticky flap was working overtime on its job.  The package was from Lennie, and I was anxious to see what my surprise was.  After pulling and tugging on the flap end it finally gave way, and inside was a small box wrapped in purple tissue paper and a card.  I did take time to read the lovely card first.  Lennie blessed me with a darling tea tablespoon for organizing our teacup exchange.  Check it out.  Like Lennie, it truly is a treasure.

oct 27

Another shot because the date obscured the design inside the spoon.  The little offset piece is a hook for hanging the spoon in the perfect place.

oct 27 1

My sweetheart went outside late yesterday afternoon to pick and surprise me with a lovely bouquet of wild flowers…the colors are beautiful and fit nicely in a vintage vinegar carafe.

wild flowers

My exchange partner Christen has received her teacup so now I can share pictures of it.    This is Minton Rose…made in England.  The silver spoon has a rose design…not pictured well.

Minton with spoon

a different view in different light.  The design shows up better but the colors are truer in the picture above.

minton rose top

This cup is unusual, because most of the design is on the interior of the cup…that’s kind of nice since it is a wide cup and easily peered into as you sip tea.

minton rose side

After looking at Christen’s cup over the weekend I returned to the shop where I found it and bought a second one for me.  This morning I’m using it for the first time to drink more echinacea tea.  I am determined to get well!


One more picture before I go…my four year old granddaughter cut her own bangs…I wonder if she has a future in cosmetology…she’s been in Papa’s chocolate stash.  I reminded Rachel’s mom that she cut her own hair when she was just about the same age.  History does repeat itself.  🙂


For more Tea posts visit Kimmie’ blog,  home of Tea on Tuesday.

Until next time…

He boils milk with fresh ginger, a quarter of a vanilla bean, and tea that is so dark and fine-leaved that it looks like black dust. He strains it and puts cane sugar in both our cups. There’s something euphorically invigorating and yet filling about it. It tastes the way I imagine the Far East must taste.
~ Peter Hoeg, Smilla’s Sense of Snow ~

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Yesterday I returned to the antique mall where I found and purchased the special tea cup for the tea cup exchange.  After looking at the said cup and saucier over the weekend I decided I wanted to buy a second one for myself.  When I bought the one to send away I brought it home and set it in a spot where I would see it often as I went about my day.  I wanted to make sure I was satisfied with it before I sent it on its way to its new home.  The more I saw it the more I liked it.  Hence the decision to treat myself to one.

As I browsed the shop the first day, a stack of linen calender tea towels caught my eye.  I’ve collected them over the years and couldn’t resist checking them out.  I did resist buying them…the first day.  On my second visit I inquired about the price.  The owner of the towels I was coveting was asking $3.00 each and asked “jokingly” if I wanted to buy them all.  I told him he’d have to come way down on the price for me to buy them.  He did.  And I bought them for $1.00 a piece.  I’m not sure how much these would sell for, but I am happy with my buy.

I cannot share a picture of the tea cup quite yet, but here is a collage of several of the towels…there were 19 in all, but I ran out of space and time to play.  Now I must get up and get busy.  The day is wasting, and there’s much to do.


Until next time…

The pride or the pleasure of making collections, if it be restrained by prudence or morality, produces a pleasing remission after more laborious studies; furnishes an amusement not wholly unprofitable for that part of life, the greater part of many lives, which would otherwise be lost in idleness or vice; it produces an useful traffick between the industry of indigence and the curiosity of wealth; it brings many things to notice that would be neglected; and, by fixing the thoughts upon intellectual pleasures, resists the natural encroachments of sensuality, and maintains the mind in her lawful superiority.  ~ Johnson: Idler  (May 12, 1759) ~

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