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I’m up before the chickens this morning.  A fire is blazing in the fireplace gradually running the chill out of the house.  My hot tea is on the table next to me cooling enough for me to sip.  Bella is roaming the house making sure no boogers are hiding in the shadows.  My sweetheart and Emma are still asleep.  It’s a perfect time to share the Crazy Quilting for Newbies gray study round robin blocks I’ve worked on the past two months.

Barbara’s block…Barbara’s block arrived with beautiful stitching already begun.  I’m amazed by her meticulous, tiny stitches.


Check out her work…the next two views.

2013-10-03 14.15.09

2013-10-03 14.16.12

All the stitching in this picture was done by me.  Barbara is truly a tough act to follow!


The next rotation of the Gray Study belonged to Lori.  I also followed Barbara on this block.  This is an overview shot of the

work I did on Lori’s block.

2013-11-22 10.05.36

Close up of spider and web…The spider is made of a tiny silk fabric yo-yo.  I stuffed the yo-yo with a bit of cotton before gathering it closed.  It’s the first I’ve made this way…and the first spider I’ve seen anywhere online made this way.  Is it possible I came up with something original?

2013-11-22 10.05.58

This shot shows the beaded dragonfly and ric-rac seam treatment.


I also added a paisley motif, the seam treatment below it and the pretty Venice lace fan.  I added velour thread fly stitch, detached daisy stitch, and bullion stitch texture to the bottom right patch.

2013-11-22 10.05.46

My CQJP 2013 July block was also done in gray monotones.  By the time I completed it I wondered what on earth I was thinking choosing gray for a personal project when I’m in a gray monotone color study rr.  (I’m running a bit behind on my CQJP…)

Whole block…


Left upper corner…paisley motif filled with colonial knots, vine with bullion roses.


Right upper corner…


Left Lower Corner…


Right Lower…


Lower center…


Spider web and spider…I liked the yo-yo spider I made on Lori’s block so much I made one on mine.


I finally decided what to do with the All Things Pretty Do Your Block that came home naked.  I used pretty Venice lace motifs painted by Nicki Lee for the focal point of the block and surrounded them with pretty bits of lace and stitching.  I used the buttonhole stitch, feather stitch, stem stitch, bullion stitch, fly stitch, chain stitch and herringbone stitch on this wee block.  Finishing this block completed a set of six, six inch blocks constructed in coordinating fabrics.  I’m not sure I shared the other five so I really need to do an All Things Pretty post.

by me

My final share for the morning is a snowball I received from Kristie.  I love it…her butterfly is Kristie made and so fine.  I love each element.  The anchor fabric has the sweetest little yellow bird.  Kristie overstitched it making it really stand out.  I can almost hear it sing.  Her stitches are even and fine.  I love the way Kristie brought all the colors together in harmony.  In short…I love my new snowball!


Until next time…

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Making my gray block for the upcoming Newbie Gray/Grey Study was so much fun, and I had so much nice gray fabric left, I had to make another block…just because.  I’ll use this one for my July CQJP block.  (I’m almost finished with my June block.)  Yes, I know.  I’m a little behind. 

Earlier this week I got a new crazy quilting book in the mail.  It’s J. Marsha Michler’s Motifs for Crazy Quilting I LOVE her books!   In it she shared one of her techniques for putting a block together.  I used her method of hand-basting the patches to the muslin to make my second gray block.  On the upside of this method, I was able to sit in my comfy chair most of the time while making it, and I didn’t get the screaming back and neck ache I usually get when I sit at my sewing machine.  The only downside was the added length of time it took to make my block.  This is a method I’ve wanted to try for a while but never took the time to do it.  I’m sure it won’t be the last time I use it.  The method sounded tedious, but the illustrations in the book made it look so simple.   I think before I piece another block by this hand-basting method I will buy one of those nifty miniature crafting irons and mark that off my wish list.  It would really come in handy for pressing all those turned under edges and eliminate the need to get up and go to the ironing board.

Motifs for Crazy Quilting is loaded with really great motif patterns, but the inspiration to try something new alone was worth the price of the book.  I think my favorite motifs are the trees, but there is a bit of everything.  I would render a guess there is something for every taste.  J. Marsha Michler did a nice job of putting this book together.  Good for us!

Here is my first hand-pieced crazy block.  All in all…I’m happy with it which is always nice.

2013-09-04 18.34.16

That’s all for this time…

Until next time…

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This afternoon I put the final stitches in my January block for my 2013 Crazy Quilt Journal Project.  I have no particular theme.  My blocks will all be primarily stitching with a few beads, trims and laces.  My plan for the project blocks when completed is a lap quilt so I want it to be gentle cycle friendly.  Each block will be made and embellished with shades of one color.  January is blue…

Here is a picture of the completed block…for closer view click on the picture.

2013-01-15 15.28.26


Below are some shots of different sections of the block for closer view…

I added a spider web and bead spider.  The web is stitched with blue metallic thread to make it show up better than it would with a flat finished floss. 

2013-01-15 15.28.49

This view shows a Cretan stitch seam treatment and a fly stitch vine.

2013-01-15 15.29.01

This shot shows a button hole stitch and sequin flower seam treatment, a lace seam treatment and a feather stitch seam treatment. 

2013-01-15 15.29.17

This picture shows a rick-rack seam treatment, simple sequin and seed bead motifs, and a seam treatment make of straight stitches and detached chains.

2013-01-15 15.29.27

Another seam treatment and embroidered over print…

2013-01-15 15.29.42

The simple flower motif made of detached chains was the final thing I did on the block…by the time I reached this space I was fresh out of ideas and trying to figure out what to do next gave me a brain cramp. 

2013-01-15 15.29.08

I haven’t decided on the color of my February block…but I need to get hopping so I can construct the block and start stitching.  I would love to stay on or ahead of schedule throughout the year. 

All feedback is welcome…thank you for looking.

Until next time…

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Last week I finished a work in progress I started in June. It is the first crazy quilt block I embellished using lots of lace. Another thing I tried for the first time with this block is beading seam treatments I learned from reading Nancy Eha’s excellent beading books.  (More about her books later.)  I put the block aside when round robin blocks and one-on-one swaps took priority,  and I picked it up again when all my work on other people’s blocks was completed. I learned a good bit with this one and will be using lace and bead seam treatments often in future blocks.



During the year of 2013 I’m participating in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project. By the time I got interested in crazy quilting this year the project had already begun.  I looked on in wistful awe.  2013 will be a busy crazy quilting year between the journal project and the round robins I plan on participating in.  I’m looking forward to it!

Until next time…

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