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Yesterday I had two projects on my “to do list”.  I completed Kirsten’s skirt adjustment and made a pair of pj bottoms for Preston.  The pants flew together they were so simple, but they looked lonely.   There wasn’t much fabric left, so I strategically placed the top pattern pieces on what was left and made a top to match.  The top has a pocket.  No boy should have to put his Matchbox car and frog in the same pocket so I cut an extra pocket and added it to the back of the pants.  “Grandma Loves Me” tags don both pieces.


My dogs are tired of me spending the day in my sewing room.  Maggie told me about it.  If she was a real girl she’d be in constant trouble for talking back. 


Emma stayed under foot.  She doesn’t talk back, but she definitely lets you know when she wants some attention.  Now that I’ve come out of the sewing room and moved on to other things, she’s asleep.  Go figure.


Bubba is snubbing me.  He’s tired of being ignored, and he’s not going to take it anymore.  🙂  Bubba’s not big on talking back either.  He grunts like a man.  🙂  He looks so bored.   I really should abandon the machines that captivate my time and spoil my DH and dogs.



Until later,

As one goes through life one learns that if you don’t paddle your own canoe,  you don’t move.      ~ Katharine Hepburn ~



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