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COMING SOON: Great giveaway to be posted soon.  You won’t want to miss it!  Keep checking back.

About a month ago I made an agreement with a representative of CSN Stores to try and review one of their products (my choice).  (I made a teaser post introducing CSN Stores the second week of August.) After looking over many of the items available through CSN I made my selection and let my representative know what I chose.  Within two days of placing my order the FedEx man brought my package to my door.

I chose an Emeril’s Reversible cast iron griddle/grill to try and review.  Because I’d had one on my wish list for quite some time it was the perfect product for me, and I was anxious to test it.  When it arrived I did not delay in opening it and was impressed by the care with which it was packed.  (Note to the green conscious:  packaging very green)  Needless to say my “merchandise” arrived in perfect condition.

My new griddle was nested between layers of recycled cardboard.  I lifted the top layer and found Emril himself smiling at me.  The product box was in perfect condition, and so was the griddle.  🙂  You can’t ask for more.

Moving right along…I was anxious to try the grill out as soon as possible.  Over the past several days I’ve used the griddle/grill for several different foods.  Here are pictures of just a few.  All have turned out delicious.


Burgers and Mahi Mahi

Lovely grill marks…almost like outside grilling. (only better…no smoke and excess heat)

Ham Steak

And the flip side…I forgot to take an after picture of the burgers cooked on the griddle, but they were beautiful.  My husband was ready for his burgers by the time I had them finished.  They turned out perfectly…cooked evenly and quickly.

There are still so many things I haven’t tried on the griddle and no steaks have hit the grill, but I will continue to use it often.  Clean up is a cinch.  Really.  Used as instructed there is no scrubbing or elbow grease needed.

I am very pleased with the performance of Emeril’s Reversible Cast Iron Griddle/Grill and would order from CSN Stores without a second thought.

If you are an online shopper I recommend you give CSN Stores a try.  I think you will be pleased with the service and products you purchase from them.  Please take a few minutes and browse their website and see the wide range of products they offer.

Customer Service…..helpful and very courteous

Packaging….product packed with great care


Product Performance….I love my new Emril two-sided griddle/grill.  Food cooked beautifully and cleanup is simple.  I think everyone should have one.

Confidence in CSN Stores…I would order from them without reservation.

I thank CSN for giving me an opportunity to participate in their product review promo.  It’s been fun.

COMING SOON: Great giveaway to be posted soon.  You won’t want to miss it!  Keep checking back.

Until next time…

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CSN Stores have given me an opportunity to review one of their products and share that review with you.  Sometime in the near future I will receive one of their many products to use in my home.  CSN Stores stock brand named items we all know and trust like Le Creuset (the cookware we all wish we had).  Their product inventory ranges from housewares to furniture…home decor to outdoor living needs…toys for the entire family…and baby items to items for our beloved pets, and more.  Prices range from high-end to very affordable.  CSN Stores literally has something for everyone.

Because I am very health conscious I’ve chosen to try and review the Emril reversible grill.  That should take my grilling up a notch!  “Bam, bam, bam!”   Don’t you think?

I hope you will stay tuned for my review.  It’s coming soon.  In the meantime, check out the CSN Stores on the web.  CSN Stores is an international company with over 200 stores to serve us, and they make shopping for almost everything as easy as a click of the mouse.

Until next time…

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