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It’s been some time since I spread the word of a bloggy giveaway, but this one caught my eye.  Everybody loves a new baby, and this one is especially beautiful.  Head over to Gene Black an Alabama Artist and check his blog out.  Gene is giving away a whimsical fat quarter (did I say fat?) along with another surprise.  Two winners will be chosen.  One could be you…so head on over to Gene’s blog and help celebrate his new baby…his 250th post AND his birthday.  Wouldn’t you love to play with this…I would.


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Peace is when time doesn’t matter as it passes by.  ~ Maria Schnell ~


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The Fabric Shopper has another great giveaway going on until March 31.  It’s a Japanese fabric giveaway.  Loverly, yes?  I would love to add it to my stash…


Head on over and check it out…leave a comment to enter.

In a separate giveaway Amy Butler’s Swing Bag and $25.00 toward fabric is the prize!  You can’t beat that.


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The flowers of all tomorrows are the seeds of today.  ~ unknown ~

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This morning while I was visiting Maryjack’s blog I read about a blog I’ve never visited before.  It was an immediate favorite, because we share a common bond…the love of fabric and patterns.  The Fabric Shopper is a sewers delight.  Check it out and see for yourself.

While you are there why not make a comment on the current giveaway.  Clicking on the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag will take you directly to the giveaway for the full scoop.  Do take time to browse this wonderful blog, because the sewer in you will love it, too.


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Real commitment has no boundaries. ~ unknown ~

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A not so strange thing happened to me on the way to the fabric store.  I started to pass our local thrift store, and it sucked me in.  I confess I didn’t try to resist very hard.  As a result, I’m going to have Saturday Show and Tell.  Here are my thrifting finds of the day.   



The blue basket and two metal shelves (one is sitting on the other) will be used in my never ending effort to organize my sewing room.   (I don’t know how people manage neatness with only a sewing corner.  My hat goes off to them.)   I’ve yet to learn to knit, but the set of needles was too amazing a deal to leave there.  I have great hopes of one of my knitting friends visiting for a few days and passing along what they know to me.  I’ll be all set when that happens.  There are three skeins (one already in a ball…bless the winder’s little heart) of Lion Brand Homespun and a piece of really pretty fabric.  The detail is not very clear, but it’s a very delicate, cross stitch pattern (not really cross stitch).  It may become pillow cases.  It’s got a nice, smooth feel to it. 

After leaving the thrift store I went directly to the fabric store without stopping at GO…I did not go to jail either.  🙂  I always take my time when I get among all those bolts of fabric.  Narrowing down what I will take home is so hard, and I rarely feel like I narrowed my selections down quite enough.  Checkout is the only part I don’t love…except that my finds are truly mine when I walk away.   Every piece I bought today was at least 30% off. 

From the top:

Father’s Day is coming…rapidly.  My dad is very difficult to buy for.  His sight is very compromised by Macular Degeneration, and his poor body is worn out from hard work and longevity.  Many moons ago he graduated from Mississippi State.  I bought State fabric and will make him two pillow cases.  The fabric has a wonderful smooth feel and will be perfect to lay his head on while he’s in bed.  Maybe they will give him sweet dreams of college days when he was young and didn’t hurt so bad.

The purple batik is for my Fat Quarter Swap.   Before the end of the month I have to cut it and get it in the mail.

The blue cornflower-type floral really struck my fancy while I was looking for my next Barcelona skirt.  Sadly there was not nearly enough yardage…but I bought what they had anyway.  It will make a gorgeous apron.

The next two are my next Barcelona skirt…the blue tie dye should sew up nicely, and the 100% cotton broadcloth will make a really comfy lining.

The two greens are for the same purpose…a skirt for me.  This is my “going green” effort of the week.  HA!  



Kellie used the word thang” in a comment she made to another post and made me think of THAT PURPLE THANG.  If you sew and have not discovered this wacky little tool, I recommend you ask a local shopkeeper to look into getting some.  They are handy little boogers.  The are better than any awl I’ve ever used for making points perfectly pointy.  The curved tip can be used to push or pull a point to it’s pointiest.  The curved end is also great for pushing curved seams out while you press them flat.  The flat end is wonderful for turning small ties and tubes right-side out.  The slit in the flat end is great for pulling ribbon or small elastic through casings, etc.  This little tool costs under $3.00 at the current rate of inflation, and it’s usefulness exceeds it’s price by far.  I would imagine it does things I have not discovered.  I misplaced mine one afternoon, and that gave cause for a search party until I found it.  I bought a standby just in case I lose it again, so if you decide to buy one…save yourself a trip and buy two or more.  They make great little “happys” for your sewing buddies.




Until next time…

Be happy.

May you have the two greatest gifts of all… someone to love and someone who loves you.  

                                                      ~  John Sinor ~

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Life has become a whirlwind.  The moments of downtime are fewer and shorter.  That’s not all bad, because I’m getting so much more done, and I’m actually taking time for me.  We domesticated women get so caught up in taking care of other people and things time for ourselves can easily slip through the cracks of time never to be.  A trip to the fabric store is definitely “time for me”.

This morning I set out for what was supposed to be a short trip to Hancock Fabrics for a specific, special piece of fabric…or two.  My son and his wife had a baby boy this week, and I’ve promised to make breastfeeding capes.  The fabric I need simply is not in the ever growing stash in my sewing room.  My DIL is not into John Deere Tractor, and my little boy baby selection is limited to that.  (“O darn!  Fabric shopping is such an inconvenience”,  she said glibly.)  I tried to see fabric through my DIL’s eyes.  That thought is pretty laughable, because she is a beautiful, young California girl and I’m a slightly overweight (but reducing) grandmother who wears bifocals and has an unbelievable fear of earthquakes.  😀  Did I ever get sidetracked!  What set out to be a short trip turned into me wandering around in Hancock’s for almost two hours.  If I were not a regular the sales ladies would probably have wondered if I was lost or taking up residency.  😀  Wandering I was, but fabric I found.  Four pieces were chosen with my DIL in mind.  She chose the bottom two pieces.  The other just hit my stash.  🙂


This one will be a Barcelona skirt some day…when I am the size I want to be and my pattern has arrived.  This one was not shared with my DIL…I picked it out through my eyes and it’s mine.  😀


Only one piece of this batch was purchased today…reluctantly.  The others came from Wal-Mart at half the price.  I plan on making skirts with these, too.  If my DGD likes them, one for both of us.  She’s a teenager now and not quite as easy to “please” as she was before she entered into that perplexing decade, but surely batiks made up in an Indygo Junction  “Sashay Skirt” will hit the mark. 


I also added a piece of white gauze. Soon it will be transformed into a slip replacing the one I loaned my DH that her dog ate.  That sounds almost as yummy as homework…and as likely.  That was the only comfortable slip I’ve ever owned!  If I had borrowed it I might not have given it back either.  😀

After tearing myself away from the fabric store I headed home.  As I approached the Salvation Army Thrift Store I heard it calling my name.  I answered the beckoning call and went in…in search of treasures.  I was not disappointed, but that’s a post for another time.  It’s time to start thinking about whipping up some supper.

Until then…


Building a fabric stash is a good use of time.


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