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Those of you who know me are aware my DH is struggling through a very difficult, eleven month long, medical treatment.  I won’t even suppose dealing with this life-altering experience from the perspective of a care-giver and source of support has been even remotely as difficult as it has been for him, but my life has also been very affected by it.  What it means to be a primary care-giver to a sick loved one has taken on new meaning for me.  I have greater empathy and sympathy for others in this position.  Often times, the care-giver’s needs are overlooked  or set aside without anyone taking notice.  Time for “self” becomes less and less a part of daily routine…their needs get lost in the seeing to the needs of their loved one.

The daily reading of my Bible has been a necessary part of my life for many years.  Without a doubt I know my strength comes from God and is nourished through His word, yet setting aside the quiet time to be alone with God and His word has been a daily struggle for much of the time my DH has been sick.  My spirit has suffered; my strength has waned.  I missed the closeness to God that comes, in part, by feasting on His word.  I called out to God to help me get back.

My birthday was a week ago.  About midday a FedEx truck pulled up in our driveway, and the driver hopped out of his truck carrying a largish box with the customary “perkiness” associated with an important, “special” delivery.  He passed the box to me as we exchanged cordial greetings.  (Fed Ex and Big Brown delivery guys are always nice looking…I wonder if that is a requirement of employment.  It sure makes the exchange of pleasantries easy!  🙂 )  The box was heavy, and I immediately thought, “books!”.   I carried the box inside and sat it on the dining room table.  Carefully I sliced through the tape and lifted the side flaps.  A really cool, blue bag with a golden yellow ribbon was revealed.  The accompanying envelope read “Keep your gift a surprise.  Unwrap your present before opening this envelope.”  Not a problem…that was my intention!  🙂    Curiosity killed the cat, and I didn’t plan on joining it!  🙂   Inside was a prize set of books I’ve had on my wish list for a long time.  My gift was five volumes of “Thru The Bible With J. Vernon McGee”!  What a treasure!  My eyes misted as I realized what a sacrifice the givers of this beautiful set had made.  For me…

God used these givers (my DS and DIL) to help me make my way back into His word  eagerly and without struggle.  He used my DIL’s DM to guide their gift-giving.  She shared her beautiful volumes when my DH and I were guests in their home last year and remembered me saying I’d love to have a set one day.  Somehow her remembering was as precious as the gift.  I was truly touched by her thoughtfulness.

I’ve been rambling through Matthew with J. Vernon and have enjoyed pondering his thoughts as I read the familiar verses he expounds on.  It’s no longer difficult to set aside the time to renew my strength through God’s word.  God’s so faithful to keep me and hold me and draw close to me when I draw close to Him.  He’s a faithful keeper of His promises and always makes me feel like He loves me most of all.   I’m so thankful He gave us Jesus to make a way for me (and you) to be His child!  He truly is proved strong in my weakness!

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