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Good Saturday morning.  I was up late last night sewing so getting started this morning has been slow.  I made a simple top in solid white cotton that turned out very nice, but it’s a little bit tight in the bust.  If I make the pattern again I’ll change the design of the sleeve.  I found it to awkward to finish the seams by serging.






















My projects for today are for grandkids.  The first one is a skirt that has gotten too short to pass Mom and Dad’s inspection.  The floral fabric is pretty much impossible to match so we decided to follow the rules of the day and go with an entirely different b&w pattern for a lengthening band around the bottom.  The longer I look at it the more it grows on me.   The fabric for the added band is “Diamond” by Loralie Harris.



The second project will be a pair of PJ pants for our 5 year old grandson.  The other day I was trying something on his little sister, and he asked me if I would make something for him, too.  That’s a no brainer…of course, I will.  He approved of a John Deere fabric the last time he was here.  Now that I have my serger back it’s time to get on it.  The only drawback…is after I prewashed this fabric it wrinkled pretty badly…the ironing job is going to be large.














I’ve got one more thing to share then I’m giving in to the urge to go to the fabric store.  I need some batik fabric for a fat quarter swap and some more lining fabric for another Barcelona skirt.  O, yeah, I was going to share something other than my plan to go in search of fabric.  My mom loves aprons.  Since I started making them she periodically “orders” aprons for herself.  She usually supplies the fabric and sometimes throws in an extra piece as a bonus.  She long ago quit sewing but still has a decent stash she can’t let go of.  (Some things about a seamstress never changes.)  🙂  Not long ago Mom ran across an apron pattern she cut out in the 70’s but never stitched.  She gifted the pattern and a piece of fabric to me.  I am to stitch her apron…precut and make another one from the striped denim.  I guess that’s a decent deal…afterall Mom is my mother and that IS a retro apron pattern.  🙂












Until next time,

Have a nice Saturday.

I found these words of wisdom that seem so very appropriate for these times.

Long ago… I resolved that I would permit no man, no matter what his color might be, to narrow and degrade  my soul by making me hate him.   ~ Booker T. Washington ~


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