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Note of little importance: disregard the date on my pictures.  I forgot to reset it on my camera when I changed the batteries..

Back in December Carla of Feathered Fibers posted a felted wool challenge.  I had lurked on her blog for a long time, but this challenge lured me out of the shadows, and I accepted the challenge. The day before I had been to my favorite store (the Salvation Army Thrift Store for those of you who don’t know) and bought eight wool sweaters to felt.  The challenge seemed the perfect thing to spur on my use of my newly found treasures.  I had the best of intentions and felted the sweaters by washing and drying them several times and carefully cut each along the seams to separate them into pieces.  But as it so often does, life happened, and my best intentions got derailed.  Today I decided to take a day for me and chose creating something with my felted wool as my fun thing to do.  I took pictures of each step so I could share the making of my mittens with you in tutorial form.

Making Mittens From Felted Wool

Trace your hand (or the hand of the person the mitten is for) on a piece of paper.  Add about 1/4 inch around the outline for a seam allowance and cut the pattern out.  Place the pattern on the wool and pin it into place.  I placed the cuff portion of the mittens on the ribbed band of the felted wool so there would be enough stretch in the mittens to put them on with ease.  I pinned two layers at a time with the wool right sides together.  Cut out pieces making sure you cut deep enough between the thumb and hand for free movement of thumb when the mittens are stitched.

Slowly stitch closely around the edges of the pinned pieces insuring both layers are secured in the seam.  Carefully pivot the needle when stitching between the hand and thumb. We don’t want holey mittens from the get go.  🙂  After securing the two pieces together zig-zag over the seam.  Zig-zagging may not be necessary, but it will add strength to the seam so there is not a blow-out when you are building a snowman. 🙂

Turn your mitten right-side out, shaping the rounded seams as you go, and wah la, you have completed one!

Stitch the remaining two pieces together, and you are ready to play in the snow.  Or notBut you will have a warm pair of mittens custom made to fit your hands.

This was my first felted wool repurposing project, but it won’t be my last.  Thank you, Carla, for the inspiration

If you use this tutorial, I would be interested in hearing how it worked for you and any feedback you may have.

oxo Judy

Until next time.

Until next time,

Vocatus atque non vocatus, deus aderit.

(Bidden or not bidden, God is there.)

~ Erasmus of Rotterdam ~

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