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Eight weeks in I am stepping up to the Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge (TAST) hosted by Pin Tangle.  Since I am playing catch up, I’m sharing weeks 1-3 today.    (Tuesday is almost over…I’m coming in just under the wire.)  My naked square #6 will be devoted to weeks 1-8.

Week 1 –  Fly Stitch

After the first row of fly stitch I repeated an over-lay row in a second color.

Week 2 – Buttonhole Stitch

I did a straight row of buttonhole stitch and outlined a circle forming a sun and made eyelashes using the same stitch.

Week 3 – Feather Stitch

The next stitch is the Cretan Stitch…it’s the stitch I’ve used least so I’m anxious to get started on it.  I’ll share my results next Tuesday.

Until next time…Happy stitching.

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