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Tea on Tuesday finds me T for tired this time around. Last night I met with a few of the ladies from my church to fellowship and craft. One of my pastor’s daughters has committed to teach me what she knows about knitting, and last night we began. I came home and settled in on the couch with my knitting needles and yarn and practiced what I learned…until 2:00 A.M. Today my tea has helped me keep my eyes open and my needles clicking. It’s been one of those lazy days spent on the couch in front of the fireplace with an afghan wrapped around my feet and my Great Dane Bubba snuggled by my side.

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T is for tardy to the party.  It never occurred to me yesterday was Tuesday until NCIS came on last night.  By then I was settled down with crochet hook in hand and didn’t make it back to my computer.  I figure “better late than never” definitely applies to a tea party.

T is for taking a break.  It’s been a busy and productive morning around my house.  (I wish the results of my labor could be seen.) I’m ready for a break…with tea, of course.  It’s my good fortune my DH had not finished the thermos of coffee he took to work this morning, because I brought a second thermos back home after taking lunch to him.  It’s filled with Tazo Awake…delicious black tea that I sweetened with local honey.  Yum.

T is for terrific deals.  While I was outside tending our critters late this morning the FedEx truck pulled into our driveway with a delivery I’m really excited about.  On Saturday I stumbled across a link to an online fabric supplier and clicked on it.  They offered amazing fabric deals.  I ordered from them on Sunday night, and my purchase was passed to me by the FedEx man this morning.  Quick service!

T is for textiles and tickled pink.  To say I am pleased is an understatement, and sharing this great web find is in order.  I bought the calico bundle.  It’s comprised of 17 6 yard pieces equaling 102 yards of first quality small print calico cotton.  The price averages out to $1.75 a yard.  Shipping was nominal…less than $13.00, so the price for all my beautiful fabric came in under $200.00.  I’ve always had a soft spot for small print calico and will use this fabric for both garment making and crafting.  If you are interested in checking these folks out you can visit them at Marshall Dry Goods.

T is for tying a string around my finger to remember the next tea party and make it on time.

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One more thing before I really get to the business of the day.  Last night I made a tea wallet for someone special.  I’ve seen a few “out there”, but for this one I used my own ingenuity and winged it.  I’m pleased with the outcome.  I hope the special someone will be, too. I think I might even get around to making one for me.  🙂

a few of my favorite teas…




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Tea’s a good drink. It’ll keep you going.  ~ Kevin Spacey from “The Shipping News” ~

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For some time I’ve thought about joining in on Tea on Tuesday.  I adore tea parties and take time for tea almost every day.  I’ve finally managed to remember to share tea time with you.

This has been an unusually stressful morning.  Last night I stayed awake far too late.  My true love worked the graveyard shift…and I woke up feeling like I was dragging myself out of one.  By 1:00 I was ready for a pick me up, both physically and spiritually.  I popped a tea pot of water in the microwave and decided on a tea.  Sadly I am out of the one I had a taste for (Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut by Yogi) so I settled for a cuppa Lipton Lemon Ginseng Green Tea.  It has become one of my favorite when I need to get myself energized.  I chose a cup and saucier given to me over the weekend by my oldest daughter.  It’s porcelain china, hand painted Nippon.  As I sipped my tea I read several chapters from Psalms as a spiritual refreshment. The combination was perfect.

tea 1 a

tea 1 b

It was good to the last drop…and time to get back to work.

tea 1 c

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Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.  ~Author Unknown ~

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