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It’s been a couple days since I managed to get any sewing done.  Rest has been utmost on my agenda.  This morning I decided I would sew whether I felt like it or not.  I needed to choose something that did not require a great deal of concentration, because I’m having a pretty rough fibromyalgia day.  Here’s what I came up with.

Sometime back I heard a lady say she’d like to have an apron made of terry cloth, because it would be more absorbent than woven cotton.  On my last trip to town a terry cloth dish towel with a rooster on it caught my eye, and I thought of that conversation.  Roosters are among my favorite things, so the towel seemed like a perfect piece to stitch into an apron.

Here’s what I came up with…The first shot is the unstitched apron pieces laid out to see how it would look.  The second is the completed project.  The stripes turned out to be difficult to match up on all sides which was disappointing.  (My DH says he really likes it.  That worries me just a touch 🙂 , because a sense of style and color is not one of his many strong points.)   


















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