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Angry Chicken hosts a “Tie One On” apron-crafting challenge.  This month the theme is “make an apron using materials from your stash ONLY”.  Several days ago I selected an old (not vintage), embroidered muslin pillow sham from my reusable linen stash.  I picked it up at a close-out store years ago with making something out of it, because the sham was not made for practical use.  It was designed like an envelope so I cut a bib, skirt and two pockets from the embroidered portions of the sham.  I used a lavender blender the back of the bib, the neck tie and the ties.  Here’s what I came up with.


If you are a sewer…why not join in the fun and tie one on?

Until next time…

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This day has clipped right along, but I managed to make the blue jean leg apron I thought about making yesterday.  Yesterday was my birthday, and much of it was spent visiting with family.  When I got around to sewing time it was late, and I abandoned plan A and moved on to plan B.  The apron is made from one lower leg of a pair of yard sale blue jeans (free ones).  It’s trimmed with scraps from one of the breastfeeding capes I made for my DIL, so it cost me only the time it took to make it…which wasn’t much.  Here’s the results of my sewing labors this afternoon.   Not bad for no monetary output…even if I do say so myself.












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