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For quite some time I’ve considered opening an online store. Etsy and Ebay weren’t the avenue I wanted to walk down, and using that as an excuse, I’ve dragged my feet getting started. To tell the truth fear held me back. Stalling time is over.  Yesterday my sister called me and told me about a website selling high-priced items that she believed did not measure up to my skill level.  She is not my worst critic and is far kinder than I merit. I did, however check out the site and decided if they could have a home/online business so could I.  This morning I’ve finally created a storefront on Blujay.com(My friend Faye tried to gently push me into this giant leap for woman-kind over a year ago and shared this storefront service with me.  It’s been safely tucked away in bookmarked sites waiting for the opportune time.) My store is empty at the moment, but I will begin adding handmade and vintage items in the near future.  From time to time I may slip something in another category in, too.  I hope you will stop in and see what is going on.

Until next time…

It is the little words you speak, the little thoughts you think, the little things you do or leave undone, the little moments you waste or use wisely, the little temptations which you yield to or overcome–the little things every day that are making or marring your future life.

~ unknown ~


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